Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker


Title Charlie Baker
Gender Male
Status Alive
Tom Baker (Father)Edit
Kate Baker (Mother)Edit
Nora Baker (sister)Edit
Lorraine Baker (sister)Edit
Henry Baker (brother)Edit
Sarah Baker (sister)Edit
Jake Baker (brother)Edit
Mark Baker (brother)Edit
Jessica Baker (sister)Edit
Kim Baker (sister)Edit
Mike Baker (brother)Edit
Kyle and Nigel Baker (brothers)Edit
Actor Tom Welling

Tom Welling as Charlie Baker, the second oldest child. The move to Chicago is toughest on Charlie since he spent almost his entire life in Midland. Treated as an outsider by his peers, he grows more detached from the family when Tom and Kate's careers pull them away from home. Only when he is kicked off the football team do his parents notice how much he is suffering.

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